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ENISCOPE - Energy Management System

The most complete energy monitoring &management system

Easy to install hardware. Intuitive software. An accessible API. Eniscope is the complete, end-to-end solution for energy management. Perfect for single buildings or whole portfolios.

An Introduction to Eniscope

Watch this video to get a feel for the world's most complete energy management system.


We cover the key features and how the power of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) help Eniscope to transform the energy profiles of facilities around the world.  


The Hardware

Eniscope is a compact plug-and-play system, easily and safely installed by any electrician - boasting an average install time of around 3 hours.


The Software

View data anywhere in real-time using Eniscope Analytics. Access our cloud-based system to easily manipulate data and take advantage of intelligent alarms to inform your actions on site.

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