Transition to Solar Energy with Lumen

Your trusted turnkey Solar project developer from design to commissioning

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As a society, we are facing the greatest global crisis, and that is climate change! If we do not take action immediately to transition to renewable energy sources, it would be too late to save our planet for our future generations.

Our mission is "Greening" our clients by facilitating the transition to renewable energy.

We are your Turnkey Project Developer

At Lumen, we facilitate every solar project from design to commissioning.

Our Process to Develop your Photovoltaic System

World Class Project Development & Commissioning

Team of Engineers


We perform onsite and offsite feasibility studies to design solar projects that provide maximum efficiency and returns

Solar Panel Installation


Once project design and technical specifications are approved, we seamlessly commission a turnkey solar project.

Engineers and Businesspeople

Customer Support

After delivering the project, we continuously monitor the efficiency of the panels and provide trouble shooting and customer support.