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Accelerate your Digital Transformation with IoT

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20 C
5 kWh
30 C
-20 C
Door Sensor
60 %
Soil Humidity

How it Works

Select IoT Sensors for your application
Integrate to Lumen Cloud
Data Visualization & Analytics

Remote Monitoring

Save Energy/Cost



At Lumen, we offer IoT sensors for data collection, integrated with our user-friendly platform for easy data visualization and analysis. We provide valuable insights and recommendations for optimizing operations in industries like manufacturing, supermarkets,  retail chain, restaurants, and agriculture. Our cutting-edge technology and expert team deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Our Services


Energy Management System

Our EMS is designed to help businesses monitor and optimize their energy usage. By collecting real-time data from energy meters and other sources, our platform provides comprehensive insights and recommendations for reducing energy waste and improving efficiency. This helps our clients save money on energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint, and achieve sustainability goals.


Predictive Maintenance

Our Predictive Maintenance solution uses machine learning algorithms to help businesses reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs. By analyzing real-time data from sensors and other sources, our platform can predict equipment failures before they occur and provide recommendations for proactive maintenance. This helps our clients maximize their uptime, reduce maintenance expenses, and increase overall productivity.


Cold Room Management

Our CRM is an innovative solution for managing and optimizing cold storage facilities. By monitoring temperature and door status in real-time, our platform helps clients prevent spoilage, reduce energy waste, and increase productivity. With our advanced analytics and reporting tools, clients can easily track and optimize their cold room operations.

Why Lumen

Personalized. Value Driven. Experienced

Team of Engineers

Personalized Design.

We inspect your business and needs in detail to design a personalized solution

Value Driven

Our solutions are focused on delivering value with an attractive ROI for our clients

Energy Savings

Operational Efficiency

We've proven our value with global companies

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